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"When our client was looking for sustainability in their new police headquarters, HJ Kessler Associates provided our entire design team with vision, inspiration and the necessary focus to turn that desire into green reality.  Helen’s knowledge, common sense and integrated approach demystified the process for our team and inspired everyone from engineers to owners to start expanding their limits and expectations.  Our client’s desire for sustainability soon became LEED Gold Certification." Jake Davis, AIA, LEED AP, Project Architect, SRBL Architects, Ltd.

"Exelon’s objective was to develop a corporate headquarters that demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship by applying sustainable principles to drive recognizable value for its customers, employees, communities, and investors. In her role as LEED consultant to Exelon, Helen provided sustainability consulting services and coordinated the LEED efforts of the various disciplines. Helen did fabulous work when LEED-CI was hot off the USGBC press and there were few projects from which to draw for past experiences. Helen's role and contributions were critical to our accomplishments.” Deb Kuo, Director of Real Estate for Exelon

"For the past three years I have had the opportunity to work with Helen Kessler on a major renovation for one of Northwestern University’s Chicago Campus Buildings.  Helen was a valuable member of the Owner/Architect/Engineer/Contractor team identifying opportunities to improve the energy usage of the building, improve student, faculty and staff comfort, to identify ways to minimize material waste through the use of recycling demolition debris and use of recycled materials in products we purchased.
As a result of Helen’s work and advice, Northwestern University achieved a Gold rating for LEED Commercial Interiors.
Her knowledge, expertise, enthusiasm, and persistence contributed greatly to elevating the project from a LEED Certification to a LEED Gold Certification.  I enjoyed working with her and appreciate her willingness to share her knowledge with others." Sue Budinsky, AIA, Project Manager, Northwestern University

"Helen Kessler has been a consultant, teacher, mentor, and friend. Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation hired HJ Kessler Associates as LEED consultant on our new construction project. Helen's breadth of knowledge of green architectural principles, nuances of LEED points, and Credit Interpretation Reviews were invaluable in both the design and construction phases of JRC's LEED Platinum project. In addition to her wealth of personal experience and technical expertise, she also brings a wide network of colleagues and associates who can be called upon as specialty consultants when needed.
Helen accepted each team member at his or her own level of LEED experience.  With a caring touch, she gently taught, guided and inspired us to build the most efficient, functional, and cost effective building possible. She challenged the whole team to stretch, struggle, persist, and grow. HJ Kessler Associates helped us not only to become the first LEED Platinum house of worship, but to grow into a greener and more committed community!" Julie Dorfman, Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation, Evanston, IL

"I have had the rare opportunity to know Helen Kessler for five years in my roles as a general contractor, a collegiate masters student, and as a mentee. With respect to each role, Helen has demonstrated the uncanny ability to establish and maintain high expectations, direct and assist fellow team workers, and inspire students. In my role as general contractor, I worked with Helen on two LEED Gold jobs. In each, her expertise and breadth of knowledge was appreciated, respected, and constantly called on by the team. Her drive and commitment to excellence helped propel us to achieve LEED Gold on jobs that were slated for LEED Silver. When I was a collegiate masters student, Helen introduced various trends and technologies in sustainability to the class. Additionally, she motivated me to do intensive research in a field of sustainability I had never previously heard of, trigeneration. Finally, during my research, she mentored me and gave great advice and contacts which undeniably helped my research. I would recommend Helen to anyone who is looking for a focused and passionate professional who has extensive sustainability and energy efficiency experience and can guide, instruct and motivate the team to reach its end goal."
Michael Washington, LEED AP, Project Manager, Oakley Construction

"Mesirow Financial hired Helen Kessler Associates for its new corporate headquarters interior project at 353 N Clark Street, Chicago. At 330,000 sf, this was a major undertaking and one in which Mesirow was determined to achieve a minimum LEED certification of Gold. Mesirow invested in the importance of achieving this goal by working directly with Helen Kessler and by enabling her with the required project authority to drive our project team. Her in-depth knowledge of the LEED certification process allowed our team to evaluate a variety of strategic alternatives. We ultimately achieved LEED Gold and additionally, achieved every point requested from the US Green Building Council. Helen has the tenacity, the knowledge and the drive to lead a project team in achieving its highest LEED potential."
David Rotholz, PE, Senior Vice President, Mesirow Financial


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